'Genius' ruling? Not so fast

I read Bob Waters’ featured letter (“Roberts’ ruling was genius,” July 7), and several thoughts came to mind.

If that ruling by the chief justice was genius concerning health care, Bob must have loved the ruling the court made to stop the vote count in Florida in 2000 that gave George W. Bush the White House. Now that was genius of a few justices putting their party into the presidency. That ruling, probably more than anything I can remember, hurt the Supreme Court and its ideal to be above politics in the eyes of the American people.

Also, I was thinking Mr. Waters would have really shuddered when President Roosevelt was the founder of Social Security, and when President Johnson founded Medicare for the senior citizens and Medicaid for our poorest. If anyone believes that Obamacare ensures Mitt Romney’s victory in November, forget it. The baggage he carries with him is plenty to give the Democrats a load of ammunition starting Labor Day. Sit back and watch – the first shot has not been fired yet.

Also, I resented the sentence that had “Obama and his brownshirts.” Just about everyone understands the brownshirt term. That speaks volumes about the writer.


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