Event coverage was uneven

It is a sad day in the CSRA when a gay parade June 23 gets more coverage in the paper, complete with widespread color pictures and commentary, than a more newsworthy event that was taking place at the same time – a fund-raiser put on by our local firefighters.


They, along with others, worked hard for months on a benefit to raise money for 7-year-old Chris Thompson, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. I am aware The Augusta Chronicle did a write-up on the benefit (“Augusta firefighters raise money for sick child,” June 24), but it was a drop in the bucket compared to the coverage of the parade! I couldn’t care less about seeing pictures of people flaunting their lifestyles up and down Broad Street! I do care about seeing caring people helping their fellow man so sacrificially and so unselfishly.

So big kudos to all who helped little Chris. That includes workers, volunteers, sponsors and all the special people who came and supported this worthy cause.

If I organized a heterosexual parade downtown, I wonder if I would get the same coverage as the Augusta Pride parade!

Vicki Reese


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