Are you a lion or a jackal?

Novelist Wilbur Smith’s first book was titled When The Lion Feeds. Reading the wild adventures of Sean Courtney, his protagonist in this great book, one can easily overlook the premise contained in the title, but raised in South Africa as he was, Smith was well aware of the natural law that when the lion feeds, every other creature eats as well. The hyena, the jackal, the stork, the vulture and even prey animals feed peacefully after the lion’s hunger is satisfied.


This basic law of nature holds true for all life on this earth. As a civilized creature, man has twisted and reshaped this law in many ways, but the basic premise remains true: In an economy, when the lions of business, trade, finance and real estate prosper, we all prosper.

Unfortunately we now have a president who is no admirer of lions. His sympathies lies more with the jackals. Virtually every policy he espouses is designed to starve the lions and feed the jackals.

What has made America great for more than 200 years is that, in America, everyone has the opportunity to grow into a lion, with hard work, courage and determination. Americans have long been known for their independent spirits, work ethic and determination to find better lives for their children. They have aspired to become lions, and many have succeeded.

Unfortunately, over the past couple of decades, many Americans have lost the heart of the lion, and have become content to behave as jackals, living off the efforts of others.

Despite its ever-growing size, the government is no lion. It is more like the hyena, feeding an ever-growing number of bureaucrats from the wealth seized from the lions that drive our economy. Saddled as they are with ever-growing mountains of debt, our children certainly will have to become lions to survive under the burden of government taxation and mindless regulations.

In November, you will have a clear choice: Are you a lion or a jackal? Remember the immutable law of nature: When the lion feeds ...

Turn out the jackals and find lions to replace them.



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