Ruling improves health

The Supreme Court has ruled that the core of the Affordable Care Act is constitutional!


Despite all the negative comments by our press that this is dictating a policy that is unpopular with the people, the health of this country and our state will be vastly improved. An estimated 1.3 million Georgians who do not have health care will now benefit – as all Georgians will.

One of the important provisions that is often overlooked is that preventative care is part of this act. This means that all of us are entitled to physicians’ visits to advise us of healthier diets, and determining underlying diseases of which we may not be aware. Millions of families are healthier because their children can stay on their families’ health plans as they transition into the work force and get their own plans. The full benefits will continue to evolve until 2014.

The decision by the court certainly is a victory for the president and the Democrats. It will no doubt enhance their chances of re-election. However, this is not time to crow but to hope that the decision will stop the partisan nature of Congress that has prevented this country from moving forward. Hopefully, Republicans will realize that opposing the president’s policies for political purposes is not working.

Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinion emphasized the meaning of the court’s decision. Many of us have continuously criticized the Supreme Court justices as being partisan rather than judicious, especially after the Gore v. Bush and Citizens United decisions. The ruling that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional should change many minds.

Lowell Greenbaum



(The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)


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