Obama's past molded him

Since President Obama’s background has been largely ignored by the national news media, there are significant facts that should be brought forward about those who have influenced Obama during his formative years and beyond.


His father, Barack Sr., was a socialist/communist, as was Lolo Soetero, the president’s stepfather. The president’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a self-described atheist and socialist, as were her father and mother, the grandparents who raised Barack. With a family history of leftist political thought and action, is it any wonder Obama is a radical leftist?

Obama’s mentor, by his own admission, was a dedicated communist named Frank Marshall Davis. Among the numerous leftist “czars” Obama appointed was Van Jones, also a dedicated communist. Jones has since left the White House under duress, but like leading members of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now and the Service Employees International Union, he has maintained easy access to the president. Both ACORN and SEIU are socialist/communist-oriented organizations!

Illinois ACORN records show that Obama was a member of the socialist New Party, having joined on Jan. 11, 1996. Obama formally requested a New Party endorsement, signed the candidate contract and joined the party. He denies it. Founded by leftist radicals in 1992 and controlled by ACORN, the New Party’s ultimate stated goal was to push the Democratic Party further to the political left and establish socialism in America.

So far, Obama has lived up to its agenda. He took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, but it meant nothing! Just another discarded promise he had no intention of keeping. He has proceeded to deliberately subvert the Constitution and/or ignore it whenever the opportunity presents, and continues to assume dictatorial powers he doesn‘t have.

Every day in America now is “how can we fool them again?” time, while the country continues to flounder.

Robert Smock




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