Outdoor Expo disastrous

I read where people were mad that they didn’t get tickets to the Aiken Outdoor Expo where they would get to meet the Landrys from the History Channel show Swamp People. All I thought was to quit griping and plan sooner.


I still agree that you shouldn’t get mad at the sellers for running out of tickets. It isn’t their fault, especially the people who answer the phone or are behind the register. Now that I have been over there I say: Count yourselves as the lucky ones to have not wasted your money.

I am sure Troy Landry was worth meeting. I am sure that some of the dealers that held booths there were worth seeing. All of that is if you could get in the doors. For a venue that holds up to 4,000 people, they were allowing somewhere in the neighborhood of less than 15 people in at a time, while blaming it on fire marshal codes. Unfortunately, I can’t see where that excuse is valid or they wouldn’t have been able to hold concerts here.

The temperatures were in the 90s, and people had to line up on two sides of the arena from the front door going down the sides of the building. There was no water available outside. There was a portable toilet on the sidewalk by the line, and that was it. If you wanted to get in to just see the items inside and not do the meet-and-greet, you could stand in another long line across the parking lot in front. At one point they sent paramedics down the line to check if people were passing out. After about an hour in the heat, people did.

Whoever planned this venue should be fired. There are many qualified people who would love to do a job like this and do it well, instead of leaving people who paid good money standing outside to suffer heat stroke. We never did get in because of the heat, and that was $24 wasted because, as people started leaving because of the heat, we couldn’t even sell our tickets.

The USC Aiken Convocation Center should take a second look at how this is done and never let an event get this out of hand again. Carolina Outdoors, who sponsored this event, should reconsider sponsoring an event that was so blatantly mismanaged.




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