Liberal media say I'm racist

Until recently, I had no idea I was a racist. I pastor a local church, where we have black and Hispanic members and deacons. Last year, I performed five interracial marriages. One of my best friends in the ministry is a black pastor.

However, according to the liberal media, I am a racist. The reasons are that I do not agree with the new health-care law; auto-industry bailouts; bank bailouts; stimulus spending; high debts and deficits; same-sex marriage; an anti-Israel policy; never-ending entitlements, etc. Well, actually, it does not matter what I disagree with, because if I disagree with any policy or stance of this present administration, then it has to be because I am a racist.

This is not to mention that I am a white, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Constitution, conservative Christian. Now I guess I am considered evil also. I’m too scared to even mention the Tea Party!

Mark Canipe. D.Min.

Beech Island, S.C.


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