Writer misunderstands

It is difficult not to respond to the continuous flow of false statements made by some in the opinion section. This is the case with the letter from Morgan-Lynn Griggs Lamberth (“We need a nanny state,” June 4).


He uses the “Scandinavian” health-care system as the model for great health care. This is actually several different countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), each with somewhat different systems. For many obvious reasons, such as size and population, you cannot compare these health-care systems or economies to ours.

One not-so-obvious reason is the immigration rate. There is a large cost involved with immigration, especially in health care. The immigration rate in Scandinavian countries is 0.86 per 1,000 people, while the United States immigration rate is 4.18 per 1,000, and these numbers reflect only those who immigrate legally.

In recent years, the Scandinavian health-care system has come under great financial pressures, as have all health-care systems. With an aging population and increasingly expensive health-care technology, the system had become unsustainable. This single-payer system has attempted to deal with these increasing costs by rationing.

Despite the government promise that no one should have to wait more than three months for surgery, 60 percent of hip replacement patients waited longer than three months – and, worse yet, a wait time of 55 days for heart surgery, resulting in 77 patient deaths.

The truth is that “Obamacare” is taking us in the same direction. The Affordable Care Act promised many things, including lower premiums and overall reduced health-care costs. Neither is the case, as recent projections show that Obamacare will increase premiums by 19 to 30 percent, and the law will add $1.15 trillion in spending from 2012 to 2021.The $2.6 trillion law only makes the fundamental problem of skyrocketing health-care costs worse. I am hoping the Supreme Court will soon save us from Obamacare.

The writer concludes by stating “if charity was sufficient then we would not need our nanny state.” I would only ask: How did we ever survive before FDR’s New Deal? We provided charity to our neighbors in need, and it worked well.

I would agree with the saying, “That government is best which governs least.” Every dollar that is taxed away from me and my family takes away my liberty to be charitable.

Robert Sheffer

North Augusta, S.C.

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