America is at a crossroads

The same message we hear over and over again is that everyone needs to be the same, paid the same, believe the same and tolerate whatever moral indiscretions that the imagination can experience. We must accept all religions as being true, loving and tolerant – except the faiths of Christians and Jews.


Is this the America immigrants want for their families? Is it the America we want for our families?

Somewhere from 1938, the faint echo of a man who blamed the Christians and Jews is suddenly sounding again, as our Neville Chamberlain in the White House tries to appease those who want freedom to expire. Who wants to hear “Raise the taxes! Full speed ahead”? We are not too big to fail.

We’ve come to a crossroads in America. Are we going to say “Banzai!” or “Geronimo!” in a suicidal attempt to force socialism on our nation? Are we so clueless that we’ll jump into any abyss and say we’re making progress? Are we in the middle of a mercy killing by selling out to China?

Let’s stop the mantra of “give everyone an entitlement.” Do we think we’re not like Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal, so we can spend, spend, spend ourselves into oblivion? Who’s kidding whom?

Clifford Henning

Graniteville, S.C.



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