It's not the schools' job

I am always amazed at what people think schools and teachers are responsible for in regard to their child’s upbringing (“No vulgarity,” June 17).


Since when is the child taught manners – “thank you,” “no sir,” “no ma’am,” no littering, no loitering, appropriate dress and other facets of proper behavior in our society – by a school teacher? It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children how to act and behave in our society.

Teachers are there to teach and influence ideas, and to create a disciplined learning environment, which is very difficult when children are disruptive and have no respect for authority or their classmates.

Respect is taught at home. From my earliest childhood days, my brothers and I were taught to respect our elders, and always say “please,” “thank you,” “no sir,” etc. Be polite to everyone – you never knew who might tell your parents you behaved badly. Never, ever misbehave in school, because a note or phone call from the school would seem like a death warrant to you.

Now, it seems that parents believe it is the school system’s responsibility to feed and rear their children. My mother fed us our breakfast before she went to work and sent us to school. She paid for our school lunch or we brown-bagged it, depending on our needs. Supper was on the table within the hour she came home from work. No TV until our homework was done, and we loved and respected her, even if it seemed harsh at the time.

So if someone resents paying taxes for inferior products such as your children, remember: You made them what they are, not the school system. They are defective by your own design because you had years to influence their behavior before the school system received them.

Don Doman

North Augusta, S.C.

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