Keep 'Augusta' in name

I know that Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz is adamantly opposed to having “Augusta” in the name of the merged Augusta State University and GHSU.


There is some precedent – not the least of which is tradition. Augusta State University, the larger of the two, has had “Augusta” in its name since it first became a college. I am glad that three of the six names under consideration contain the name “Augusta.”

There are many examples from the top 100 American universities. When the Medical College of Virginia merged with Richmond Professional Institute, it became Virginia Commonwealth University. Virginia Commonwealth is a designated National Cancer Institute Cancer Center. The University of Buffalo was founded May 11, 1846, as a private medical school to train the doctors for the communities of Buffalo, Niagara Falls and surrounding villages. It later expanded to include other health sciences and undergraduate education. It is one of 61 leading research universities in the United States and Canada, and Roswell Park Cancer Institute is a designated NCI Cancer Center. The University of Pittsburgh and UCLA also are designated NCI Cancer Centers.

Other universities with the name of their city in their name include Auburn University, the University of Cincinnati and the University of Houston. Wake Forest University is no longer in Wake Forest, N.C., but maintains the name of the city where it was founded. The University of California is universally known as Berkeley. Several of these cities are smaller than Augusta.

Including “Augusta” in the name will resonate more than any name that does not include “Augusta.”

Creighton Wesley Sloan

Aiken, S.C.



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