Don't be silent on morality

Gay-rights activists, with an assembly of elitists wielding their muscle in the media, education, health care, government and within some churches, have accomplished a civil and moral coup within just a few years.


Homosexual behavior is now being heralded as a civil rights issue as well as a morally neutral lifestyle that any enlightened Christian must concede to. Like the emperor who has no clothes, many U.S. citizens seemingly welcome, encourage and smile at our friends who march proudly through city streets around the country during the month of June. Somehow we have come to believe that if popular opinion has changed, this makes homosexual behavior both a right and morally acceptable.

I don’t buy it. I can’t buy it. Scripture doesn’t buy it. And my church/denomination that includes more than 1 billion people worldwide doesn’t buy it.

According to Jesus, “History has not known a man born of woman greater than John the Baptist.” (Matthew 11:11) John the Baptist opened his mouth and said to King Herod, “It is not right for you to live with her.” (Matthew 14:4) John simply said what he believed to be the truth. What happened to John? Those in power made sure he lost his head for saying something so unpopular.

We are living in a new age of martyrs. But hopefully (at least not yet) we will not lose our heads for saying homosexual behavior is not right. The martyrdom is more subtle. If you don’t keep quiet and go along with the popular flow, you can (and will) lose your job. You can (and will) be ostracized by your colleagues. You can (and will) be excluded from certain professions. The reality of losing your job and livelihood for holding to a biblical belief is pretty Orwellian in a country known for religious freedom and tolerance.

Every Bible-believing Christian has to make his or her own choice in the days ahead on whether to keep silent or not. It’s lonely identifying with John the Baptist. Will we choose greatness in the kingdom of God, or greatness and acceptance in the world?

Who would have thought that, a few years ago, martyrdom would come to the doorstep of America?

Dan Almeter




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