Misconceptions fill letter

Regarding David Henderson’s letter “Vote the Republicans out” (June 3): “We can’t change these Tea Party Republicans,” he says. The Tea Party is not an organized group of people. It is simply those Americans, Republicans and many good old-fashioned Democrats, who believe that the Constitution has produced the greatest nation ever, and lifted the freedom and living standards of more people than all other systems put together. Tea Partiers are determined to preserve it.


They believe that Washington, D.C., has grown far too big and intrusive in our lives; that government borrowing, wasteful and corrupt spending borders on insanity; and that private enterprise, not the government, produces jobs. Tea Party people are conservative in that they want to preserve what has worked so well in this country.

Mr. Henderson speaks of an “all-out war on women.” If anyone is guilty of that it must be Planned Parenthood, some members of which believe in killing girl babies in the womb. Other than that, what is the all-out war on women?

He states that the Republican Party wants to ban contraception. It has been a tenet of the Catholic clergy that contraceptives are wrong. The president wants to force the taxpayers to pay for all women’s contraceptives, including institutions run by the Catholic clergy, so they are suing because it is an infringement of their religious liberty. Polls indicate the majority of Catholic clergy vote Democrat. It is irrational to say that Republicans want to ban contraceptives.

He says the Republicans want to ban family planning. If anything, Republicans want to encourage married couples to be especially thoughtful and prayerful about using the God-granted power to create children – i.e., will they love them dearly, care for and pay for their education, etc.?

Then Mr. Henderson deals with the much-worn-out “millionaires and billionaires” line. Wealthy people pay by far the majority of taxes, and nearly half of the people pay none.

I am glad that we live in a land where the most humble person of any color or creed can become wealthy by providing new products, goods and services that benefit others and that consumers will pay for; and in the process these entrepreneurs hire many people at good salaries and pay the majority of taxes. Then, if the government doesn’t take it when they die, their estates can build Kroc centers, libraries, and many other great things for people.




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