Parents are first teachers

I must respond to Butch Palmer’s June 17 letter (“No vulgarity”). He wants schools to spend precious time teaching students not to litter, loiter or play loud music.


I’ve got news for Mr. Palmer: Teachers have seven hours a day to teach reading, writing, math, science, history and social studies, not to mention PE and the arts. In addition, we must look for signs of bullying and abuse; care for students who are homeless or hungry; and meet with parents who don’t want their children to fail, yet won’t help their children succeed.

Mr. Palmer has forgotten that parents are the first and most influential teachers. They teach children from the moment they are born, through every nonschool hour of their lives. Even if teachers spend time on social skills, the students will revert to what their environment accepts. Their parents are a large part of that environment. This is not the schools’ fault; it is the parents’.

Mr. Palmer should change the focus of his ranting.

Kay Lovingood


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