Romney snubs our protectors

While it was true that President Obama’s comment on the state of the private sector was a poor and embarrassing one, Mr. Obama realized this and sought to clarify himself. However, Mitt Romney’s response overflowed with the callous indifference and ignorance he has demonstrated time and time again throughout his campaign.


Romney’s recent, mocking comments that President Obama would seek to hire more teachers, police officers and firefighters, while Romney himself would not, clearly established his priorities should he become president.

Romney would further cut funding for education to our public schools, forcing an even greater strain on an already exacerbated and stressed educational system. Without a proper education, our students cannot compete in a growing, technical global market, and this would mean that the vast majority of the poor and working-class children would receive an even poorer quality of education.

Though this saddened me, it was his attack on the police and firefighters that truly infuriated me as I recalled some very painful memories. My wife and I were living in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001. We saw the first-responders rushing downtown, not knowing how many wounded or dying there might be. Many firefighters entered those towers to save lives and became victims themselves. Their comrades who survived searched day and night, hoping to find them alive but more often only finding their burned bodies.

When I think of that day and the loss of American lives, how many of us depended on those who answered the call? Yet Romney would say we need fewer of these vital personnel? All I have to say is this: Thank you, Mr. Romney, for showing us whose side you were on that day.

Joseph A. Zuchowski




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