Justice served for lawyer

Well, Augusta, you got your pound of flesh from Joe Neal Jr. (“Lawyer is handed three years’ probation,” June 7) Don’t sit there and whine about how he got special treatment.

As a practicing lawyer who watched this from the sidelines very closely, it was clear to me from the onset that this case was over-indicted from the beginning. That’s why I called it a “B.S.” case when a local TV news reporter stuck a microphone in my face during the trial coverage.

Clearly, Joe did some things of which he should be ashamed – no one disputes that. He needs to clean up his act. However, when the alleged “victim” chuckled her way through reading text messages in open court, it became clear to all – judge, jury, D.A. and the public – that there could have been a much more sinister component to this case in which the question of “who is the victim?” became less and less clear.

Thus, for those of you who banter about Neal getting off lightly, hush! He faced life in prison and had to fight for his life. Thank goodness he could afford to fight – or the justice you would then have, Augusta, would be a chuckler with buyer’s remorse sending a father to prison for crimes he never came close to committing!



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