It's time to say 'enough'

I was born in this fair city, and raised on her outskirts. I attended the same public schools as my father and grandfather, where sadly my Southern accent was successfully educated away. I went on to major in two foreign languages at Augusta State University, during which time I sat through not a few discourses on the undesirability of my hometown by a bunch of transients. I was never the only native but always the only one who would defend Augusta for essentially “not being Atlanta.”


In grade school, one is taught to despise the way one speaks. At ASU, a native Augustan is taught to despise the way he naturally feels for his place in the world. All this to pose the question: When do the inheritors of any city – not the imports who warm the chairs of our finer institutions, nor the minority of activists who force an agenda on the rest of us in this “free country” – when do we say “enough”? “Enough” to Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz trying to genetically modify the DNA of our town to make it like its sister to the west who sold out to “progress.”

“Enough” of the visitors and transients – here for the weather or a government job – who hate us for our small-town politics and lack of retail, but love the low cost of living.

“Enough” of the demands made on the Augusta National Golf Club to cave to social pressure to admit a female member. It’s a private club, and we live in America.

And will not nature itself eventually say “enough” (in our place) on the day when we allow our main thoroughfare to be decorated with the tainted banners of homosexuals who engage in a high-risk and unproductive lifestyle that undermines the fabric of our society?

A harmless parade is no longer sufficient; we now have their flags out the entire month of June? I guess when Augusta becomes the abomination that is San Francisco, then we will be cool enough. “Augusta Pride” should be a label for those people who feel deep gratitude and responsibility for this city and would not see her corrupted.



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