Singer's excellence endures

I’m anxiously waiting this summer for the long-anticipated movie Sparkle that was co-produced by the late, great Whitney Houston.


She was someone whom I’ve always adored, admired, respected and honored. I was in awe of her charm, grace, class, style and intelligence. That she once was considered to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet made her even more fascinating to me.

Despite that she experienced many of life’s pitfalls, obstacles, disappointments, frustrations and demons, I still considered her to be a phenomenal woman until her last day on Earth. The beauty of this lady was her sincere honesty about facing her life’s hardships. She took full responsibility for her fall from grace.

She didn’t blame her degradation upon her childhood upbringing, race oppression, friends or relatives. She publicly admitted in television interviews with Diane Sawyer and Oprah Winfrey that she was her own worst enemy. For her to openly acknowledge this fact is a testimony that she was the truth.

Many Americans have said bad things about this lady when she was dealing with her trials and tribulations, and now that she’s deceased people are still degrading her. But for me she will always be remembered as a diamond, pearl, ruby and sapphire wrapped into one. She was just a jewel of a lady.

As she rests in peace, my lifelong perception of her will always be that of the phenomenal everywoman.

E. Maner




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