Diligence creates 'luck'

Victor Reilly’s letter (“Lucky should help needy,” June 10) – about “luck” influencing length of life, career, financial success, politics, etc. – astounds me.


Webster defines “luck” as “happening by chance.” His good luck actually seems to be attributable to his inherited good genes, excellent parental decisions and his own industriousness. What’s lucky about that? Wasn’t this country founded on principles that provide the opportunity for all of us to succeed? There are no guarantees, only opportunity.

The June 10 Augusta Chronicle (“Students go above, beyond to see graduation”) profiled three black high-school students who have overcome enormous adversity in their lives through hard work, discipline and focus. They are role models for all of us. Explain to me where “luck” entered into their success. My guess is that each of them is headed for more prosperous “luck” as their lives progress.

Since when is individualism a character defect? Perhaps in a collective hive of socialists, but certainly not in this country where it is highly prized as a freedom and right of choice. I see no glaring examples of this “I got mine” attitude.

Look at the huge number of government social programs for the less fortunate as well as innumerable private ones. That doesn’t seem to reflect selfishness on the part of most Americans. Throughout my life I have seen that hard work, industriousness, living within your means and practicing other traits of citizenry trumps “luck” all the time, and leads to good results.

This coming election may well be the most important for all of us. But it does not pit the rich and successful against the less-fortunate as Mr. Reilly states. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. That’s truly a shabby way of inferring class warfare used by Democrats throughout the length of this administration. Rather, it presents all of us with an opportunity to make an informed decision as to whether we want to continue with four more years of the same or clean house.

It’s our choice – and that’s a democracy!



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