Pride banners offensive

I really don’t care who this offends, because it will only offend those who openly offend me.

The very idea of the city of Augusta flying gay pride banners on light posts downtown is off-the-chart of “in your face” (“Groups can fly banners,” June 5). I am a Christian and a compassionate person, but the lifestyle of a gay person is a personal choice, and I don’t like it being thrust in our faces. To the city officials who let this happen: Shame on you. If you think this will promote the kind of traffic you want downtown, you are wrong!

I don’t blame the gay pride movement. It is getting the attention it seeks out since there is no possible way its members can be satisfied with their lifestyle or circumstance.

God will be the final judgement for all of us. I hope you will receive his mercy and choose a better life, but keep your lifestyle between you and God. I don’t want it in my face.

As for the city of Augusta, I can’t pray in schools or at public events, but now I can fly a banner downtown to proclaim my beliefs? Thanks!


Tue, 08/15/2017 - 23:26

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