Illegal aliens lack pride in U.S.

The United States was founded by immigrants – yes, immigrants – but these immigrants wanted their own country with a commonsense governing body.


These immigrants left countries that imprisoned them, taxed them into poverty and stripped them of their religious beliefs, dignity, dreams, hopes and aspirations. Some of them were enslaved and managed to escape to the colonies for a better life, a life of their choosing. Some sold themselves into servitude just for the chance to go to the New World. The colonists had to stick together, work together to survive.

The Revolutionary War defined who we were by defeating England. In World War I and World War II, we fought for the lives we wanted, and defeated the Nazis and Japanese. Those victories by the military are why you are speaking English and not another language.

Immigrants today want a better life like the colonists, but there is a huge difference. These immigrants come to America illegally for jobs and handouts. America is a great country, they say – go to America, and the government will take care of you. With no allegiance to America, these immigrants are here for the money and our taxpayer-dollar benefits.

These illegals were given freedom without having to fight for it, so it means nothing to them. For Americans with roots here, a family going back to World War I and World War II, freedom is a way of life. We want to pledge allegiance to the flag and place our hands over our hearts, salute the flag and sing God Bless America – we raised our children that way. Patriotism was embedded into our children at home and at school. Patriots are willing to die for and contribute to our country – to be givers and not takers.

Illegals wrap themselves in their native countries’ flags. Where is the patriotism to the U.S.A.? Our country is going in the wrong direction. The school systems don’t allow any show of patriotism or religious beliefs thanks to the progressives and liberals. If attitudes do not change; if we don’t close our borders; if we don’t stop being politically correct; if we don’t elect a president who was raised and grew up in the United States; and if the government doesn’t stop spending/throwing our money away, we will have the fundamental change that President Obama wants.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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