Motherhood is demanding

On May 30, Michael Ledo’s letter (“Ann Romney had it easy”) claimed motherhood is highly overrated and that women sucker men into believing that it’s a backbreaking job. I was stunned by these outrageous remarks.


I was raised by a stay-at-home mother, and her job was never easy. On the contrary, she worked as hard as my father, who was employed in an eight-to-five position at a textile plant. My mother reared seven children, meaning she had myriad extracurricular activities to juggle.

She cooked – not microwavable meals, I might add – and cleaned our house. She nursed us when we were sick and took the time to home-school the last four of us. It would have been simpler for her to shove us in front of the television all day and feed us Hot Pockets. Even when we left for college, she was still available in the role of therapist, listening to our troubles and offering encouragement.

If you ask my parents if my mother’s being a stay-at-home-mom was easy, they would say it was difficult at times but worth it. I’m sure there were times when a second income would have helped, but my parents made sacrifices because my mother wanted to stay home, teaching us to be well-behaved, intelligent human beings.

I applaud my parents for making this decision – for choosing the harder path.

Saying that motherhood is an overrated job is absurd. Even when a woman works outside the home, being a mother still is a full-time position. Mothers don’t get days off and don’t decide their own schedules; instead, they tend to put their children first.

Mothers deserve praise, rather than being told their occupation was tough 50 years ago but not anymore. Motherhood is, and always will be, a demanding though rewarding, job – $200 million income or not.



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