Get Medicaid tweaks right

Georgia is moving forward to enhance medical services and achieve long-term sustainable savings to improve the health of its Medicaid recipients.


Under the current recommendations of the state’s findings report, the plan is to put together some of the most vulnerable populations – including children in foster care, individuals with special needs and those with complex and challenging health conditions – into managed care. This solution may actually worsen the overall greater cost of health care as well as introduce societal costs that could affect both the workplace and family members caring for those with special needs.

It is vital that the state considers its most vulnerable beneficiaries, and that it implements an extensive review of how the current system both effectively and ineffectively cares for these populations. The state needs to devote the time that is needed to expand and extend its thoughtful and meticulous review rather than rush into a quick fix.

Getting it right is in the best interest of all Medicaid beneficiaries, and those who fund it, so that it doesn’t end up costing more down the road.

While the state’s recent report is step one, it certainly does not provide the thorough analysis warranted for such a large and important undertaking.

Laura Willis




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