We're a nation of whiners

A recent letter by one Timothy Bledsoe (“Face our real problems,” May 9) – comparing the “Occupy” movement to the expression of free speech as defended in the Constitution – compels me to write a few words in rebuttal.

First, I seriously doubt that the Founders were sufficiently depraved to be capable of considering the despicable behavior of depositing human excrement on the tops of police cars; public fornication; littering the streets with garbage and other human bodily waste; and performing other anarchistic hysterics such as these people have done, when they debated the matter of “free speech” in the First Amendment.

Second, the writer extols the virtue of the Occupy movement as a valid protest against the nation’s “problems,” which he very casually fails to identify, as did all the participants whom I saw interviewed during the height of the Occupy debacle. Their primary complaint seemed to be nothing in particular but everything in general.

Our moral demeanor and sense of personal responsibility have so sadly degenerated since the time of our enlightened forefathers that we have produced a nation of whiners and complainers who have become so accustomed to government handouts that any attempt at fiscal or moral sanity immediately becomes an object of vilification. The economic disasters that currently characterize many of the Eurozone countries portend our not-very-distant future if we fail to correct our present reckless course of deficit spending.

Mr. Bledsoe refers to the New Testament Book of Revelation in his closing paragraph. We voters could certainly use some revelations at the ballot box this November! At some point, the piper must be paid!



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