Samaritans save motorist

On May 10, I was traveling on a road I believed to be Highway 56, and hit a large pothole. Realizing that I had gone too far, I turned around to go back home. A short distance later, I saw a warning light on my dashboard.

I pulled into the driveway of Bennett Distribution Services on Doug Barnard Parkway. My car would not go into gear. I went into the business’ office to use the phone. Two employees overheard my plight, and offered to look at my car. They managed to release the gear, but said that the wheel and tire were damaged, and I should go to a Toyota dealership. I needed someone to follow me there. The employees could not go, but their supervisor followed me to the Toyota place, where my car was repaired.

Words cannot express my humble appreciation for their thoughtful kindness in helping this 83-year-old woman in distress. They refused to take any payment. May God bestow his blessings on them. Unfortunately, I failed to get their names.

Lawanda Blythe




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