Crime necessitates intent

Regarding your front-page article concerning the senior prank that landed four young women in jail (“Senior prank puts four in jail,” May 15):


Certainly other options existed than to burden the county taxpayers with the cost of arrest, booking, incarceration and prosecution – not to mention the fact that four young women will have a permanent arrest record, probably a conviction and the possible derailment of plans for further education and/or employment.

Other options included a school system that would consider the punishment their families would impose; restitution in lieu of arrest and incarceration; and community service. After all, was it a “prank” conducted in poor judgment, or was it a crime?

A fifth student was arrested in the incident Thursday. I am not related to any of these five teenagers, nor do I represent them. But a crime necessitates intent, and where young adults are engaged in a prank, criminal intent should be low on the index of possible motives. Unless I am missing something, I genuinely feel sorry for these young ladies.

Andy Tisdale



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