TSPLOST isn't temporary

Just say “no!” to the July 31 transportation special-purpose local option sales tax proposal.


Have you ever, ever seen a sales tax surcharge imposed in either Richmond or Columbia counties be eliminated at the end of its term? Anyone? Anyone? Of course not. And the “temporary” 10-year, 1 percent TSPLOST will not be dropped either. This is a straight-up money grab by local politicians. Giving more than $800 million to local political hacks won’t turn out well.

Supporters are trotting out the tried-and-true “but it will be paid for by everybody else passing through” argument that is always used as a positive. This assumes we think its OK to “steal” money from everyone else to fund our local “addictions.” The last time you traveled, rented a car or a hotel room, you were victimized by local government taxes, too. How did that make you feel? Yeah, me too. Maybe if the counties did not waste resources on speed bumps in communities that don’t want them, they would have money to fix the roads.

Vote “no” on the TSPLOST sales tax increase July 31. No matter how nicely they say “please,” the looters still are holding guns to your head, and the temporary sales tax increase will never go away.

Paul Mallon




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