Obama has been destructive

Again Lowell Greenbaum and the rest of his liberal socialists wish to praise President Obama (“Obama is ending the war,” May 4). This man has done more to destroy this country than all other politicians in history. Obama is a socialist at best and probably a communist.

Obama ended nothing, promising billions to a country filled with radical Muslim hatred. President George W. Bush was and has always been a better man and a better president than Obama will ever be. I hated Jimmy Carter’s presidency and thought no one could ever be worse. Boy, was I wrong.

Don’t knock Republicans. Dr. Greenbaum and his party do not measure up to the GOP. If the people of America re-elect Obama, you can kiss this country goodbye. If you think Southerners will sit by and let this country go down the drain, you are wrong.

Don Turner




Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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