Writer wrong on Obama

In the letter from Lowell Greenbaum (“Obama is ending the war,” May 4) he mentioned that President Obama is ending the war we can’t afford that has cost us $150 billion – but he didn’t mention the $6 trillion in Obamacare, and bailouts to losers we can’t afford, either.


Greenbaum says that, since Obama ordered the death of Osama bin Laden, the country is safer now. Is he that sure? Is that what he sees through his rose-colored glasses? As long as terrorists exist anywhere in the world and rogue states such as Iran and North Korea exist, we and the rest of the world will not be safe.

“This president has the guts to face them and defeat them”? Yeah, right. As I recall, another Democratic president not too long ago was going to knock off bin Laden too, so he ordered the firing of a few rockets at some caves where bin Laden allegedly was hanging out. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there. We have been after bin Laden for a long time, even before Obama ever became president, and Greenbaum knows it.

Political theater is being made by the Democratic National Committee, and the president as well, by using the ubiquitous “I” to take credit for everything possible to get re-elected and further destroy the country.

The biggest problem for the Democratic Party in the country right now is a four-letter word: jobs. The economy is slowly coming back, but not the jobs. The people want jobs. So it’s not “political theater,” as Greenbaum trumpets. It’s jobs.

Seth Benson


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