Hunt has been exemplary

By way of introduction, I am a retired assistant director with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, and I have known Aiken County Sheriff Mike Hunt for 35 years, having met him early in his career. I knew then that with his work ethic he was going places. I was so pleased when he ran for sheriff the first time, and was happy to learn that he had again offered for re-election.


Sheriff Hunt has never run from tough issues, and has been tenacious in his efforts to rid Aiken County of drugs and other crime. He is a fair-minded person who demands professionalism of himself and his staff.

During his tenure as sheriff, he has experienced a few challenges from his employees, but rather than sweep them under the rug or turn his head to these activities, he has addressed them head-on and taken the high road. If the employees are right, he stands with them, but in a few rare cases he has supported their prosecution. I think Sheriff Hunt does an excellent job.

If I lived in Aiken County, I would vote for the re-election of Mike Hunt as sheriff, but since I do not live there, I wanted everyone to know how I feel. I have family and many friends in Aiken, and I hope you feel as I do, and support the re-election of Mike Hunt for sheriff. He has done a great job, but his work is not completed yet.

Steven A. Smith

Columbia, S.C.



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