TSA shows deeper problem

One sentence from your editorial on the Transportation Security Administration boondoggle (“Hands off our dignity,” May 2) caught my attention: “Can’t agents be trained to provide some humanity during often arduous screenings?” Your question goes to the heart of our society, not just concerns about the TSA.


Some things can be simplified. In this case, this universe is either personal or impersonal. For decades, public schools have taught that we live in an impersonal universe – that there is no purpose, no meaning, and everyone is just lucky or unlucky.

This universe without God provides no ethics for the basis of law. Man is only an evolved animal. When the utility of animals is over, we eliminate them. Why should man be treated any different? Look at the difficulty that states had in trying to prosecute Jack Kevorkian.

The brutality of the TSA agents reflects what our children are being taught: They are animals and have no more meaning than animals. They are subject to the blind forces of nature and the raw power of atheistic regimes. And, perhaps worse, why should anyone care? Everything is a random event in a random, impersonal universe.

Ideas have consequences that affect billions of people. The lack of a “person” necessarily leads to impersonal power and violence. The stark specter of TSA agents manhandling children is a reflection of what our public schools and official governmental policies have brought us. If we are consistent with those godless beliefs, we should cheer the onslaught of such barbarity. After all, “nature red in tooth and claw” produced Homo sapiens.

Atheists and others can berate the wars of religion – and, granted, there have been serious mistakes made. However, Christianity, teaching that Someone created the universe, produced virtually all the good that Western civilization has had to offer. If we reject God, we reject grace, mercy, peace and justice – and the face of the TSA barbarian and Big Brother will overlook every nuance of our lives.

Ed Payne, M.D.




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