Life before Medicare? Yes!

Letter writer Brad Link asked if we “Recall life before Medicare” (April 17). I do remember – and life was good.


A hospital stay was $30 a night, and it included meals, aspirin and water. A doctor’s visit was $10 and a shot was $5. A tonsillectomy was $100, which included hospital charges, surgeon’s fees and the ice cream they gave you to eat because your throat was too sore for much else.

Communities took pride in having competent hospitals, and citizens donated time and effort to achieve it. After Medicare, there was no need to donate anything because it became a money-making enterprise with skyrocketing costs.

The deductibles for Medicare too often are more than the treatment would have cost prior to the government intrusion into something they have no business dabbling in. It is all part of the liberal agenda in which the moochers want everything such as health care, medicines and long-term care but want somebody else to pay for it. Well, the people who will have to pay for it are those who are working and paying heavy taxes who may need health care themselves when they get old and there will be nothing for them, because the moochers ran the well dry.

If Medicare is so wonderful, wait until Obamacare goes into effect. Under Obamacare, the illegals get health care the same as those who actually paid some taxes. After age 76, one is not eligible for cancer treatment; therefore, many elderly who do not choose to die will have no choice. But not to worry – the government will require end-of-life counseling so you will not mind dying.

Another thing is that the government will have access to individuals’ bank accounts, and will be able to make electronic funds transfers from your account whether you like it or not.

The solution is to cut needless and wasteful government programs and other costs, including million-dollar parties for the General Services Administration. Those of us who remember life before Medicare would like to have our country back.

Allen Johnson



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