Obama likes omnipotence

The Democrats seem to have one dominant guiding principle – “How can we fool them today?”


“Them,” of course, means us – the citizens of the United States. President Obama has thoroughly embraced this principle, and is going to present himself as a moderate in the coming election. But it is going to be hard to pull off this time, for we now know he is anything but moderate!

Instead, Obama fancies himself as the omnipotent ruler, and he will characterize any opposition as extremist. In anticipation of his Obamacare loss in the Supreme Court, he has started by trying to bully those justices who might disagree with him.

Obama is Marxist. Just like the Obamacare mandate, he wants to impose socialism on the American people, ramming it down our collective throats. He is loyally abetted by the Democrats in the House and Senate, and by four Supreme Court justices, all of whom dance in leftist lockstep when the puppet master requires it!

El Presidente Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is expected soon to expire from cancer, thus leaving a dictatorial vacancy, and it’s a natural fit for the Obamas! Perhaps when Obama’s unemployment benefits are exhausted, they could apply.

I doubt that citizenship would present an obstacle there, especially to one already so experienced and adept at downplaying that question. He could even take his lovely lady, who has publicly professed to have never been proud of America anyway! Like minds tend to seek each other out. Perhaps many in the Democratic Party would follow, seemingly being more comfortable in totalitarian surroundings.

With their best interests in mind, of course, we would celebrate their newfound opportunity and be ecstatic at their departures. And Chavez has already got most of the heavy work done!

Robert Smock




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