Fix our dangerous highway

I bring to Gov. Nathan Deal’s attention the absolute slaughter that is happening on our state Highway 56 in Richmond County.


I won’t quote the statistics here, as I’m sure he has them available. Most people agree that the road’s design contributes to the great number of accidents that happen. And the speed limit – probably among the highest of any state highway in the metro area – is the main contributor to the sad and growing number of fatalities.

One would hope that our state Department of Transportation officials, acting on the behest of our local commissioners, already would have implemented a plan to solve the problem. Their plan is to correct the road’s design deficiencies some two years in the future. Please be aware that, by that time, some 5,000 or so extra motorists will be using that road daily because of the construction ramping up at Plant Vogtle and other new industries.

The state must act now!

First, immediately lower the speed limit to 45 mph on the entire length of Highway 56 in Richmond County.

Second, provide the local authorities with state police to help enforce the limit.

Third, release funds to begin construction on the highway as soon as possible.

Mr. Deal is our state’s leader, and these decisions ultimately rest in his hands. He can make us proud to be Georgians by acting now.

William Head




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