Thanks to many Samaritans

In the early morning of April 17, I was traveling south on Belair Road. After passing the intersection with Cox Road, I was met head-on by a vehicle traveling the wrong direction in my lane at an accelerated rate. In less than a second, my car was totaled and I was trapped and in fear of my life.

A very thoughtful gentleman who saw the accident came to my rescue by entering the passenger door and kept me alert and still, as there were possible spinal injuries. He stayed with me until help arrived.

I am very easy to find, and if someone knowing his identity happens to read this, please have him call me so I may offer my thanks. I also want to thank the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, EMS staff and the trauma unit at Medical College of Georgia Hospital

Although my recovery is far from complete, I am very thankful for all those involved. We all really need to appreciate those on duty, as one day the victim could be any one of us.


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