Who's doing the protesting?

Since Plant Vogtle is an integral member of our community, I am not surprised that the plant receives copious amounts of press coverage. One problem I have is that while you report the names of the individuals who want to close the plant and the organizations to which they belong, we really don’t know anything about these people or the organizations they are affiliated with.

This so-called coalition, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, that opposes the plant – who are they, how large are they, who are their supporters and how long have they been around? I find it hard to believe that an organization with the adjective “clean” in its name opposes nuclear power.

Arjun Makhijani, the president of the so-called Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, thinks the Nuclear Regulatory Commission did not act prudently. Who is this person and what is the background of his organization? The NRC has been very informative about the revisions to the plant it mandated, based upon the Fukushima nuclear disaster. These tree-huggers are focused on one goal: to “save” the environment even if it means the ruination of the human race. If that transpires, they will be on top.

William J. Kemple




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