Know where problem lies

Referring to your April 21 editorial (“This time it’s personal”), you seem to have said it all pertaining to our society’s decline.


Nearly half of American families already have disintegrated, amid the nation’s 50 percent divorce rate, etc. Yes, civility in politics has been dismissed, and politicians have discarded Ronald Reagan’s advice not to speak ill of your opponent in a political party campaign. But the media tell them that negativity works, so the media can feed on the ugly mess for weeks on end. It’s so much easier than to stick to important issues.

Does the deeper problem not start with parental delinquency, with little or no effort spent on guidance and basic self-discipline? Or with kids dominating parental decisions, and the problem of self-indulgence in society? Our present government is playing up to our entitlement society while we are losing our freedom and independence, and sliding into socialist bankruptcy.

Republicans, our problems go much deeper than tax cuts. Close the loopholes first.

S.G. von Schweinitz




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