Here's the war on women

In reference to Lee Benedict’s April 15 letter (“The left again goes too far”), and the current flap over Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney’s never having worked a day in her life:


Yes, I am sure Ann Romney works in raising a family, but I’m equally sure what Hilary meant to say, and misspoke, was that Ann Romney had never worked for a living (emphasis mine) a day in her life. I suspect that is actually true.

The two political parties are ranting about two different kinds of “war on women.” The Republicans are saying President Obama is making economic war on women and imply that it is deliberate, although they don’t say how. That is utter nonsense. The first bill signed into law by Obama was to provide women with equal pay for equal work. That’s hardly an attack on women. No other presidential decision I can think of has had a degradation of the wages or other economic rights of women in the workplace.

The real war on women is mostly in the Republican-dominated state legislatures and governorships. Several states have pushed “life begins at inception” laws and/or constitutional amendments (which Romney says he supports), and ultrasound scan requirements, some of them using vaginal probes, before a woman can choose to have an abortion. Both those types of laws are intended to proscribe a woman’s right to have an abortion – which was a right the Supreme Court affirmed in the Roe v. Wade case – and, presumably, outlaw any contraceptive device that prevents a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus. If these acts don’t constitute assaults on women’s rights, I don’t know what does.

I fail to understand how the relationship between doctors and their patients is any of the government’s business.

The rest of Mr. Benedict’s letter is just right-wing propaganda and isn’t worth commenting about.

Paul Barritt

McCormick, S.C.

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