Quit ruining soccer fields

The Augusta Jewish Community Center and the Family Y are proud of our cooperative efforts. One of these efforts includes the Family Y’s use of the AJCC’s soccer fields. Hundreds of kids enjoy practices and games each season.


Wanton vandalism several years ago nearly destroyed the fields when vandals on all-terrain vehicles created circles in the mud following rain. The Family Y and the AJCC just spent several hundred dollars to fix the field as it continued to deteriorate from the initial damage. The work had just been completed when, during the Masters Tournament, on two separate occasions, vandals struck again, destroying the property.

We ask that the parents of the kids who own these ATVs check where they are going. We do not think that the deliberate destruction of private property was what you had in mind when you purchased these vehicles. And if you are an adult who is the vandal, you should be ashamed of yourself. Have the courage to come and ask how you can made amends.

Leah Ronen and Danny McConnell



(The writers are, respectively, the executive director of the Augusta Jewish Community Center; and the president and CEO of The Family Y.)



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