Don't slight handicapped

Shame on the young man who parked his business truck and extended trailer at Gary’s Restaurant in North Augusta on April 13 – blocking several spaces including a handicapped space, and verbally assaulting me when I questioned him concerning his actions.


I am a 69-year-old, proud and permanently disabled Vietnam veteran who served our country for more than 15 years. Let me say that I have never experienced such contempt from a young person as I did from this man. He truly represents the landscaping company he works for. His suggestion – that no matter where I had to park I would need to walk – could be classified only as rude, callous, inconsiderate and contemptuous.

He and his colleague sat in the restaurant and ate without any regard for others, including those with walkers and wheelchairs. Thank God I now only walk with a cane.

He mentioned that his grandmother was handicapped. I certainly hope she doesn’t approve of his behavior and actions.

The Rev. Larry Brown

North Augusta, S.C.



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