Watch North Korea get aid

The world watched the failure of North Korea’s outer-space orbital missile test launch. The United Nations, with the United States, had “strongly” condemned the test, saying that it was a violation of a pact between U.N. members!


People in North Korea supposedly need humanitarian aid in the form of food and other vital support. Thus, the United Nations and the United States said that, should North Korea launch the test, it would be subject to denial of previously promised humanitarian aid.

First, someone explain to me how a country can spend the vast amount of money it takes to conduct one of these missile launches when its people are starving. Oh yes, I remember now – the United Nations and the United States are standing ready to give our tax dollars to North Korea in the form of humanitarian aid, thus allowing its government to spend money on missile tests.

Want to bet now that the test failed, we still give them the humanitarian aid? My money is on the Washington liberals, including our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that we can kiss that money bye-bye!

William Zimmerman




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