Don't excuse Tiger's antics

The fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is still bearing fruit. Tiger Woods has been an awesome inspiration for the entire game of golf, but his antics at the 2012 Masters show that the bad comes with the good.


This was not the first tournament that he allowed his ungentlemanly behavior to show. At the 13th tee on Masters Saturday, millions of golf fans heard him curse after an aberrant tee shot. Then, three holes later, he had a fit and kicked his club.

I love what Tiger has done for golf and love watching him show his magic, and I remain a fan. But actions such as these cannot be tolerated or excused. I feel he should have been immediately removed from the course and should not be invited to play in the 2013 Masters.

Golf is the last sport with any degree of decorum. Let’s keep it that way!

Claude E. Lett III



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