The left again goes too far

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said that Ann Romney has not “worked a day in her life.” Five children, 16 grandchildren – really? Why are more people on the left not outraged over this?


I remember watching The Jeffersons as a child and recall an episode in which Lionel Jefferson said that housewives should not receive $17,000 a year as Weezie Jefferson claimed. He said, “Y’all deserve a raise.” Ann Romney was all of that and reared five kids. Granted, her husband helped and was an integral part of his kids’ lives, but still, it’s work.

Then again, people such as Ann Romney may not consider rearing her children “work.” But I can guarantee that neither Ann nor her husband view parenthood as a “punishment,” as Michelle’s husband so eloquently stated sans teleprompter.

After numerous complaints, Hilary backtracked and said that Ann could afford to stay at home with the kids unharmed by “day care cuts” via the “Romney-Ryan budget.” This is too much, even for the left. First, no Romney is a member of Congress. Second, why should the government (I, you) pay to watch others’ children? Incidentally, the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate has not passed a budget in 1,200-plus days.

Ann Romney has millions. So? Michelle Obama has millions. Ann wants to help others be in a position to earn millions. I’ll even wager that Ann has long been proud of her country. Michelle condemns all others, and is arguably the most bitter, arrogant, condescending, divisive first lady in history. As for presidents, Michelle’s husband has a similar historic mark.

And this just in: With Barack Obama and Democrats vilifying those who earn money, and calling for massive, punitive and progressive taxes (Communist Manifesto, second plank) to befall them – all the while destroying businesses, the economy, jobs, America’s once-AAA credit rating and all other components of a happy functioning society – it will be very difficult for millions of Americans to work a day in their lives.

Lee Benedict




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