Patch gets 'sparkle' back

Augusta’s commissioners are often maligned by the citizens of Richmond County. At times they are thought to be doing too little about some matter, or doing the wrong thing or wasting taxpayers’ money. However, when they leased the Patch to the gentleman from Scotland, they got it right.


Not only is the city making a profit – and not, by their own account, losing more than $100,000 per year – but the best part is that Augusta now can be proud of its public course on Highland Avenue.

The Patch always has been a gem of a course, but years of hardship and neglect caused her to lose her sparkle. However, in just a few short months of tender loving care, her sparkle and shine are returning. All is getting better. The clubhouse not only is clean but the pro shop is tastefully appointed to display the golf wares for sale there. All players are greeted with a smile and a welcome. The grill is inviting with tables covered in linen cloths, and flowers as centerpieces on the table. If hungry, the aroma of the soup of the day will entice one to try a bowl.

The course is in the best shape that I, as a frequent golfer at the Patch, have seen in a long time. The greens are in great shape. Only two greens, Nos. 15 and 18, are not quite there yet but are coming along nicely. Fairways are getting better and, along with bunkers, are well-kept, and the tee boxes are in better shape than ever.

I congratulate the commissioners on a job well done. Golfers can enjoy a round of golf on a beautiful course that offers a bit of a challenge and a lot of fun. With the improvements there, I see only gain for the city of Augusta and Richmond County.

Norma M. Ingram




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