If this is what you want ...

Vote for the Democrats – if you want your tax dollars:


• going to companies that support political agendas;

• to be given to failing companies who support Obama;

• to be given to illegals through welfare, food stamps, health insurance, housing and disability payments;

• to support unions through bailouts;

• to be given in the form of aid to countries that hate us;

• to be blown on lavish parties and meetings and retreats;

• to be spent without a passed budget;

• to go to welfare moms and pay for illegitimate children (their food, clothes, housing and health care) without identifying the father for child support;

• to pay for everyone else’s health care even though many recipients are fully capable of working but choose not to;

• or to help create bigger government.

Vote for the Democrats – if you like

• President Obama bowing to heads of other countries;

• Obama apologizing to other countries;

• Obama making back-room promises to our enemies;

• Obama rubbing shoulders with militant Muslims;

• an administration that is clueless about the economy, if you like an administration that will ram legislation down your throat;

• the thought of having our government take our guns;

• the thought of being forced by our government to purchase a product;

• the direction our country is going in;

• that our government is $16 trillion in debt;

• that federal employees will have a fantastic health-care package while you are forced to go with Obamacare.

Vote for the Democrats if you want to dramatically reduce our military, or if you think a strong defense these days is not necessary.

Sam Arrington




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