HPV vaccine bill is wrong

Have we arrived to a place where we have no sanity left – where no fiber of conscience causes us to say “This is not right!” and with no red flags or voice of opposition to the permissiveness of our society? Should parents give in and say it is just fine for their beautiful 13-year-old daughters to be promiscuous?


A South Carolina House panel has passed a bill that would give free vaccines to sixth-grade girls to prevent them from getting a sexually transmitted disease that would cause cancer.

State Rep. Bakari Sellers is quoted in the March 30 issue of The Augusta Chronicle: “(His) bill is about saving lives and money. The cost of providing the vaccine would be less than taxpayers might pay later for Medicaid and emergency room visits to treat cervical cancer. (Sellers said) ‘Being preventive is very important.’”

The thinking behind this is that your 12- or 13-year-old daughter is going to have sex anyway, so let’s protect her.

Maybe it would a good idea to stop giving condoms to the students in school, and perhaps even start teaching morals and clean living. Of course this would be difficult because, in so doing, we would be teaching exactly how the Bible tells us to live, and that would be against the law.

Since we can’t do that, how about teaching all the bad things that can happen when we don’t live according to the Bible? How about the broken hearts, like those of parents who are crushed when their children turn away from them to enter lifestyles that are against parents’ wishes?

How about teaching the horrors of drugs? Something must be missing because their use is rampant on our high-school campuses.

Are we just to give up? Could it be that we made a very big mistake in America when we took God and His Word out of our society?

Gil Ward




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