Quit playing the race card

Speaking as a black conservative, it is so sad when the “race card” is continually used by politicians and liberal voters to explain away the horrible record of President Obama. Yes, he was handed the gigantic problem of a very fragile economy, but he campaigned on the idea that he was up to the task of dealing with it.


Instead, he made matters worse by saddling the nation with a health-care overhaul that most Americans did not want, and topped it off with a trillion-dollar so-called “stimulus” package that has put this country further in debt than it has ever been – all the while hamstringing any real job recovery by throwing endless regulations at small businesses.

And the president did all this with Democratic control of both houses of Congress while blaming Republicans in the minority for hindering his plans!

These are not racist statements. They are factual statements of how things stand under Obama’s watch, and it is past time for this administration and its supporters to throw away the race card and own up to it.

Cleve Walker

Aiken, S.C.