Does Obama know the law?

Recent comments made by President Obama – disparagingly calling the U.S. Supreme Court “unelected” – urge many of us to ask: Has he ever actually read the Constitution?

Surely a graduate of Harvard Law School has read the Constitution. Maybe with all of that community-organizing back in Chicago, and his heavy workload in the U.S. Senate for three years, his recollection of this document’s content has gotten a bit rusty.

If the president has indeed read the Constitution, how could he forget Marbury v. Madison (1803), and subsequently the power of judicial review as handed down by the great Chief Justice John Marshall?

Obama’s comments also suggest that he doesn’t understand, or has forgotten the concept of, separation of powers and how the judicial branch operates within a system of checks and balances. His comments leave many to wonder.

John C. Huffman



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