Right to bear arms is safe

Let me start by saying that I am a gun owner and have owned guns since I was a child. I strongly believe that every citizen has the right to own guns for protection, hunting and for anything else considered legal.


That said, the letter written by Jimmie Delk (“Protect your gun rights,” March 5) was outrageous. He accused President Obama and members of his Cabinet and staff of continuing “to try everything within their power to take away our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

As his source, he cites the National Rifle Association’s America’s First Freedom magazine, saying we should read this article if we have any doubt that his accusations against the president are true.

As a past member of the NRA, I learned that almost anything the NRA says cannot be taken as the truth. Articles such as this from the NRA are very common and are used to scare members into fighting back by contributing money to the cause or continuing their memberships.

Obama is innocent of these ridiculous charges and smear tactics. I have seen nothing since he was elected to suggest otherwise. I suggest the letter writer take a deep breath and relax. Our Second Amendment rights are safe with President Obama.

Edwin “Barry” Speth III




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