Editorial's ideas won't help

In a recent editorial (“Don’t fail our future,” March 27), you affirmed that a poorly educated populace is a threat to our national security and economic prosperity. As an educator, I agree with you and thank you for bringing it to public attention!


You went on to say that our next education reform movement should focus on emphasizing science, technology and foreign languages; allowing more parents to pick their children’s schools; conducting a national security readiness audit; and cultivating a deeper understanding of America’s core values.

Although these ideas will garner a great deal of political popularity, I find it difficult to see a direct connection between them and improved student achievement.

“No Child Left Behind,” another popular political reform movement, has done very little to alleviate the problems in our public schools; and its overemphasis on testing has resulted in a nationwide concern over cheating that makes any and all of its claims for success suspect.

I fear the narrow focus outlined in your editorial will be no more successful than that failed program, and may even divert us from addressing our greatest concern in education, which is improving our nation’s tragically unacceptable literacy and graduation rates.

Andy Baumgartner



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